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Grand Jury Reports

State Law requires that each grand jury submit a final report of its findings and recommendations to the presiding judge of the Superior Court.

Just as an accusation or an indictment, a report must be approved by at least 12 of the 19 grand jurors (15 if it is a 23-member jury). With so many possible investigations and a term limited to a single year, each grand jury must decide what it wishes to undertake during the term. Except for mandated duties to report on the financial condition of the county and on the conditions of county jails, the grand jury has discretion in determining its agenda. Most grand juries divide into committees for conducting investigations and writing reports, but there seems to be a wide variation between counties as to the number and structure of committees; it is up to each grand jury to determine its method of operation within the parameters of the law.
Government agencies that are the subject of reports are required by law to respond to specific grand jury findings and recommendations. However, the grand jury has no enforcement power, and the agencies are under no legal obligation to carry out the recommendations. While some recommendations are ignored, others are followed, particularly those that suggest greater efficiency for operations and that do not require the expenditure of large sums of money. Grand jury criticisms of public officials and agencies frequently attract press attention, bringing greater community awareness of what is happening in public agencies. Many grand jurors believe that public officials tend to be more accountable when they know an impartial, outside body is looking over their collective shoulders.
While surrounded by secrecy before publication, grand jury reports become public documents when signed by the grand jury foreman and approved by the grand jury's advisory judge. Copies are sent to all targeted government agencies, interested officials, public and private groups and individuals, and the press by the grand jury foreperson or secretary.

Online Grand Jury Reports

As soon as the report is published, it will be posted here.

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